Christmas Prezzie

Yay – I won the zillion day challenge!


I just found out that I earnt £39.31 = US$56.91 between 22nd and 30th December – an even better Christmas prezzie than the 83 cents I that I found out about on Christmas day. Yippee!


Peeps who know that I’ve been in the 30dc for some time may be surprised at the slowness of my achievement.  What most readers (if I have any) won’t know is that I have what some peeps call “disabilities” (I like to think “differentability”) which kinda slow me down and I was only able to earn a negligible amount for years owing to pain.


Getting into the swing of being disciplined about the 30dc work has taken some time, and I also had a lot of software, hardware, and allthatjazzware issues that have driven me all but crazy.


In the past few days I was just at the point of throwing a few more ads and posts at this microniche before throwing up my arms at it and moving on to other keyword pastures – it hadn’t occurred to me that a link on just one post might have earnt me some dosh when all the visitors to my site seem to have been me, a couple of friends and a few peeps scattered between India, Turkey, Singapore and the US – I mean Google Insights told me that all the keyword searches were in the UK, so I went and purchased a domain when I wasn’t able to get the .com domain. Well, the keyword is an item of clothing, and not a luxury item at that – so who in the UK in their right mind would want to purchase common clothing items from the US and also deal with the exchange rate – so the thing seemed like the right thing at the time.


It turns out that one person who clicked through the link bookmarked the website that I affiliate with and visited it several times up to and including 30th December and bought £561- worth of goodies – who’dathortit?  I thought that with all my trials and tribs I’d missed the Christmas rush. Yes – it was one of those keywords that Market Samurai shows high in Autumn (Fall to some of you) through to December and then – ahem – a bit flat the rest of the year.  Well, that looked ok in September when I started cookin this microniche but it was beginning to look a bit past it and possibly yucky by about 23rd December.


You could say that I was a bit lucky that that one peep (that must be the singular of peeps – no?) bought so much.  Another way of looking at it is that I was a bit unlucky with the trials and tribs, and that I now know that this niche doesn’t just attract a few down-and-outs looking for a cheap bargain.


The Google Analytics weren’t telling me much more than the fact that I click on my site a lot when I’m correcting naughtie issues that the site has with its widgets and wodgets and the like (and why *do* the posts lose their line-spacing!!!?!), because – well how do you keep track of every time you look at your site as you’re correcting things?  The annoying thing is that even though I’m being careful to stay at my site for at least a few minutes at a time and clicking through to other pages, Google Analytics is telling me that the average time I’m spending at the site is just a couple of minutes, which is just not true.


Of the peeps other than me who visited my site on the click-through date (19th December), their networks are called “centrica staines middlesex uk”, “ip pools”, and “road runner holdco llc”.  Google Analytics tells me that each of the first two stayed at my site for zero seconds, and that they were bounces. The last visited for 4 seconds and looked at two pages.  My money is on the Staines Middlesex “bounce”, but who knows…


I won the zillion day challenge!




PS Yeh, yeh, yeh – I was already crazy, but you know what I mean…


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5 Responses to “Christmas Prezzie”

  1. Barb Says:

    Hey Isha…way to go!!!

    Just saw @BrentHodgson’s tweet about your success and wanted to come over and say yippeee!

    I, too, deal with chronic pain, so I can identify with how long it can take to see progress with your projects. Good for you for sticking with it…you’re an inspiration!


  2. DaleK Says:

    Congrats!!!!! It’s a wonderful feeling isn’t it?? You won the challenge. Who cares how many days it took!!! Would have taken forever had you given up. And besides, we can only learn from experiences like this!

    I struggle with the same how do I track when it’s mostly me trying to fix stuff. I think I hit refresh on my browser more than I breath!!

    Love your background btw!

  3. 30DC Hosting Says:

    Wow! Congratulations!

  4. FernHill Says:

    Very happy to hear about your success Isha!

  5. Isha Says:

    Thank you Barb, DaleK, 30dc Hosting and FernHill! It’s great to have some comments on my little purple blog, and such great ones too!

    I’ve had a lot of good feedback about the purple.
    The theme is Enchanted Creations by Uno Design Studio – great, isn’t it.

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