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Did you assume that your keyword blog was registered with Technorati?

Sunday, December 28th, 2008

I’ve had my 30dc keyword blog for several months now.  With the directions in the 30dc training to add Technorati tags to one’s WPD blog, I assumed that my blog was listed with Technorati.

Over the Christmas period I discovered that this was not so!

If you’ve not already joined Technorati and “claimed” your blog, then you want to do it now.

Join Technorati here.


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Sunday, December 28th, 2008

WPD blogs come already set up with a list of urls that the blog will ping.

On one of my blogs I installed and activated a free plug-in called the MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer which, amongst other things, gives you a ping log.

Since I hadn’t posted to the blog for a few days, I immediately clicked on “Ping now” and afterwards looked at the ping log. I was surprised to see that the overwhelming majority of the urls that are in the ping list were not in fact pinged. My log is available to peruse in two screenshots, here and here.

The MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer has a forum, which I duly perused.

On that forum I learnt that there is a ping list that suman, a forum moderator, recommends. In fact that list consists of just 6 urls:

I gather this is on the grounds that pingomatic itself pings a lot of urls and it aint really a good idea to have duplicate pings. There is in fact a longer list on that webpage that can be pinged if you don’t want to rely on pingomatic.


PS Looks like the mot du jour is “peruse”. Someone who uses a perruque.

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